Provost Questions

Below is a list of the seven Provost questions used in all course evaluations.  Likert questions have answer options on a scale of 1. Strongly Disagree to 5. Strongly Agree.

  1. The average number of hours per week I spent outside of class preparing for this course was:
         Type: Multiple Choice
    • Less than 1
    • 1 - 3
    • 4 - 6
    • 7 - 9
    • 10 or more
  2. I learned a great deal in this course.
    Type: Likert    
  3. Overall, this was a worthwhile course.
    Type: Likert
  4. The course's goals and requirements were defined and adhered to by the instructor.
    Type: Likert
  5. The instructor was approachable and made himself/herself available to students outside the classroom.
    Type: Likert
  6. Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher.
    Type: Likert
  7. Please make any overall comments or observations about this course.
    Type: Short Answer