How do I merge announcements?

The function to merge announcements allows for one site to push out announcements to other sites.

For example, a Nursing 101 course might include twenty different clinical groups, each with their own course site.  If announcements created in the main Nursing 101 course site are merged into each clinical site, the announcements from the main site would also display on the clinical sites, alongside any announcements that the clinical instructors create within their own sites.

Select the site that will be the destination for the announcements to be merged.

Go to Announcements.

Select Announcements from the Tool Menu of your site.

Note: To merge announcements, you must be enrolled in both sites in an instructor or administrative role.

Select Merge.

Select the site(s) from which to receive announcements.

In the Show Announcements column, check the box(es) beside the site(s) that will be sending the announcements.

Select Save.

At the bottom of the page, select Save.

View Announcements.

You will be returned to the main page of Announcements with the merged announcements now shown in your site.

  1. Merged announcements cannot be edited within the site where they have been merged, so no Edit link will display for them.
  2. An Edit link will be available for each announcement created within the current site.
  3. In the Site column of the table listing announcements, each announcement will indicate the title of the site where it was created.  If the site listed for an announcement is not the current site, go to the Announcements tool in the site where the announcement was created to edit or delete it.