How do I delete a forum post?

Users with appropriate permissions can delete posts in Discussions.

By default, those with Contributor permissions (e.g., students in course sites and members in collaboration sites) can delete their own posts.  For more information on permissions, see the steps for viewing and editing permissions in the article about creating a forum.

Go to Discussions.

Select Discussions from the Tool Menu in your site.

Choose the topic that contains the post to delete.

Select the title of a topic to access the topic.

Note: Topics are indented underneath the forum where they are located.

Select the conversation.

Select the title of the first post in the conversation that contains the post to be deleted.

Select Delete Message.

Select Delete Message by the post to remove.

Note: You must have appropriate permissions to delete the post.  If you do not have permission to do so, the Delete Message link will not appear.

Confirm deleting it.

Select the Delete button to confirm.

Note: If the post being deleted was the only post in the conversation, the entire conversation will be removed from the forum topic.

View replies to a deleted message.

  1. If responses have already been posted to a message you delete, placeholder text will remain, indicating that the message has been deleted.
  2. You can still read replies to the deleted message.