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How do I check if email notification was sent for an announcement?

When you post an item in the Announcements tool, you also have the option to send the announcement as an email notification.  You can verify that an email was sent for an announcement on the Edit Announcement screen, as described below.

Tip: If you often use Announcements to send email to site participants, you may change the Email Notification option in your site to your preferred default. That way, it will be selected automatically when creating and editing announcements. You can find steps in How do I change options for Announcements (e.g., default email notification)?

Go to Announcements.

Select Announcements from the tool menu in your site.

Select Edit.

Under the title of the announcement you would like to check, select Edit.

See revision history.

Scroll down on the page to where it says Email Notification.  Select the See revision history link.

The following items will display:

  • A list of dates when the announcement was revised,
  • The announcement's Notification setting, either No Notification, High priority, or Low priority,
  • The announcement's Availability setting, if you chose to release it at a specific date.

The most recent announcement posting is highlighted in bold text.