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How do I grade an assignment using File Preview?

File Preview is a feature in Assignments that streamlines the grading process.  Submissions to an assignment, whether it be an uploaded file or work done inline can be accessed and graded all in the same window.    

Go to Assignments.

Select the Assignments tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the assignment to grade.

Click the Grade link under the assignment you would like to grade.

Enable File Preview.

By default, File Preview is disabled.  To enable, select Off.  The slider will change from Off to On and the feature is enabled.    

Note: After File Preview has been enabled for one assignment, it is enabled for the user and available in all other assignments that need to be graded, including those in other sites.  

Select a student to grade.

Select the student you would like to grade.

Note: The assignment's Grade page will display a list of all the students in the class, along with the submission date, status, grade, and release columns.   Sort by any of these columns by selecting the column title.

Customize File Preview.

Select the Settings cog icon next to the assignment title to customize File Preview.  This will allow you to select any of the following options:

  1. Navigate between students with submissions only - as you move through the list of students, only those with submissions will display.
  2. Only show ungraded submissions - navigating through the students will show just those students without a submission.
  3. Dock the grader on the left - grader will be moved to the left-hand side of the File Preview window.
  4. Please select a group - use the drop-down to select a group or roster that is available in your site to grade.

The navigation options at the top right of the page allow you to quickly cycle through student submissions.

  1. Use the arrows to jump to the next or previous student submission.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to jump to any student in the list
  3. Select Return to List to return to the full listing of all student submissions.

View student submission.

  1. The student submission will be previewed on one side of the screen.
  2. The student's name and submission date are listed in the top of the grading pane, along with links to submitted inline text (if applicable) and any file attachments. Select the Submitted Text link or the filename of an item under Submitted Attachments to preview that item on the screen.
  3. If you would like to download a copy of the student file, select the filename above the preview area.

Enter a Grade.

Enter the score for the student's assignment in the grade entry box.

Enter feedback comments.

If you would like to include additional comments along with the grade, you may use Feedback Comment to provide instructor feedback.

  1. Select the Feedback Comment button.
  2. The editor will open in a pop-up window where you can enter the desired feedback.
  3. Select the Done button to save your feedback.

Tip: After you have saved a feedback comment, a green circle next to the Feedback Comment button will appear indicating there is an existing comment.

Return an attachment.

If you would like to return a file attachment to the student with additional feedback, click on the Add Attachments button to browse for and select a file.

Add private notes.

If you would like to include additional information for other instructors or Teaching Assistants, you may use the Private Notes feature.  Students will not see these notes. They are only visible to users with grading permissions.

  1. Select the Private Notes button.
  2. An editor will open in a pop-up window where you can enter the desired feedback.
  3. Select the Done button to save your note.

Tip: After you have saved a Private Note, a green circle next to the Private Note button will indicate that there is an existing comment.  

Allow resubmissions.

If you would like to allow the student to resubmit the assignment:

  1. Check the Allow Resubmission box
  2. Specify the number of resubmissions allowed.
  3. Select a date until which the resubmission will be accepted.

Note:  If you allowed resubmissions for the assignment when you created it, the Resubmisison information in File Preview will be prepopulated  with that information.  You may override the default resubmission settings for an individual student by changing the information shown above.

Save grade.

  1. Select the Save button to save the grade and feedback. This option does not release the grade to students.
  2. If you are finished grading and would like to release the information to the student, select the Save and Release to Student button.
  3. If you want to discard your changes, select Cancel.

Tip:  If you prefer to release grades all at one time when grading is completed, see How do I release assignment grades? (opens new window) for the steps.