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How do I format my file for importing grades into Gradebook?

Instructors can manage grades offline in a spreadsheet and then import the file to update the course Gradebook. You can also import a file as a method for quickly creating several gradebook items at once.

The easiest way to obtain a file in the proper import format is to export your Gradebook and use that file as a template. This way it will contain all of the student information in your site, as well as any existing gradebook item information in your site.  See How do I export grades from Gradebook? for information on exporting.

Note: You can only update graded items that have been created within the Gradebook. Graded items that come from other tools, such as Assignments or Tests & Quizzes, cannot be updated via file import.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Import/Export.

Click Export Gradebook.

The export will download as a .csv file.

Open the file in your preferred spreadsheet application.

The spreadsheet will contain the student information (first two columns) and a column for each item already added to Gradebook.  

Add columns, grades, and/or feedback to the file.  

To add new items, and associated grades/feedback, follow the formatting conventions below:

  1. Student ID and Student Name are the first two columns and must be retained for any future imports.
  2. New gradebook items are added by inserting columns into your file.  The total points for the item should be entered between square brackets [100], after the title.  In Column G in the example pictured above, we are adding the item Week 2 Quiz, worth 100 points.  
  3. Comments for an item can be included by adding a column whose title is prefixed with an asterisk (*).  Column H, titled * Week 2 Quiz, would contain the comments.

Save any changes made to the spreadsheet, keeping the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Return to Import/Export tab to import file.  

For more information on importing your items into Gradebook, see How do I import grades into Gradebook?