How do I import grades into Gradebook?

A spreadsheet can be imported into Gradebook to add gradebook items, grades and comments.

The import file must be in a specific format in order to import correctly. It should be a CSV file and contain the appropriate student and gradebook item data.

See How do I format my file for importing grades into Gradebook? for more information.

Tip: For steps to upload course grades to Gradebook, see How do I import final letter grades into Gradebook?

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Import/Export.

Click Choose File.

Click the Choose File button to browse for and select your import file.

Click Continue.

After locating and selecting your import file, click Continue to import the grades.

Select the items to be imported.

A summary of changes will be previewed for you.

  1. Check the box next to each of the items you would like to create or update.
  2. Click Next to continue with the import. (If you notice any errors, click Back to abort the import process.)

New item options.

If you are creating new items as part of the import, you will be prompted to edit the item options for each new item. Select the desired options and click Next to continue.

The title and point value for the new item will be pre-filled with information from the spreadsheet.  Options that can be edited include, Due Date (optional), Category (if Categories are used in Gradebook), Release item to students? and Include item in course grade calculations?.  

Click Finish.

A confirmation page showing any new or updated items will appear.  Click Finish to proceed.

Import confirmation.

You will receive a confirmation message on the Grades page once your spreadsheet has been imported successfully.