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How do I message students from a Gradebook item?

The Message Students option, available from a gradebook item's Actions drop-down, allows you to send a quick message to students regarding the item.  

Go to Gradebook.

Select Gradebook from the Tool Menu in your site.

Open the gradebook item Actions menu.

In the item's header column, select the drop-down arrow to display the gradebook item's Action menu.

Select Message Students.

Select Message Students from the item's Action menu.

Enter the message information.

  1. Enter a Subject for your message.
  2. Type your message into the text box provided.
  3. Choose the recipients of the message from the drop-down menu. You can select Ungraded StudentsGraded Students, or All Students.
  4. Specify if you want to send the message to all site participants, or only a group you select from the drop-down menu.
  5. The Show Recipients button will display a list of the students selected to receive the message.
  6. Click Send to send the message.

An email will be sent to the selected site members.