How do I grade using iRubric?

The iRubric tool can be used to grade any items created in the Gradebook as well as assignments associated with a rubric in the Assignments tool.  

This article will walk you through grading an item created in the Gradebook.  For the steps on how to grade using iRubric in the Assignments tool, please see How do i grade with iRubric in Assignments?  

We do not recommend using iRubric for grading items sent to Gradebook from other tools, such as Forums or Tests & Quizzes.  For grading in these tools, please see our Help articles:

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Access iRubric tool.

Select the iRubric tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

You can create your own rubrics (Build an iRubric) or import rubrics from a public gallery of rubrics (iRubric Gallery) and modify them to suit your purposes.  Any rubrics you have developed will be stored in My Rubrics.  See iRubric Help for more information on creating rubrics.

Attach rubric to gradebook item.

Select the Grades tab.

When first accessing the iRubric tool, you are placed on the Grades tab. From any other tab in iRubric, click Grades to attach a rubric.

Click the Select Rubric icon.

Click the Select iRubric icon (paperclip) beside the item you want to grade using a rubric.  

After selecting the icon, you are taken to the vendor's web site (rCampus) to attach the rubric you want to use in grading.  

Select a rubric.

Use the select a rubric button to attach a rubric to the gradebook item.

Select the rubric.

From the available list of rubrics, click the select button next to the rubric of choice.

Select save.

After selecting the rubric, you are returned to the main webpage.  Click save to save your selection.

Select close.

Once the attached rubric has been saved to the gradebook item, click close to close the iRubric web page and return to your UVACollab site.

Enter scores and feedback.

Access iRubric Grades tab.

After the rubric has been attached, you can now use it to grade an item.   Click the Grades tab in the iRubric tool to begin grading.

Click the Grade All icon.

On the Grades page, click the Grade All icon (checkerboard) beside the item you want to grade.

Select a student.

A new browser window will open to the rubric grading page.  In the list on the left hand side, click the name of the student you want to grade.  In this example, we are selecting Student, One.

Enter grades and feedback.

After selecting a student, a new window opens to display the criterion grading matrix for the attached rubric. Within the matrix, click in the appropriate cell to select the grade for each criterion.

(Optional) Comments can be added either in the Quick feedback cell on far right.

Save scores and feedback.

Click save score (found in the top right corner or bottom middle of the page) when you are done grading.

Saved score

iRubric will inform you that the rubric has been scored and saved and will report the total score and percentage of possible points. You can return to the rubric to re-score your entries or click the name of another student to continue grading.  

Update Gradebook.

To update Gradebook with the grades calculated from the iRubric tool, return to the Grades tab in iRubric and click the Get grades from iRubric icon (overlapping arrows).

Verify update.

Visit the Gradebook to verify that the grade has been updated.