How do I unpublish multiple sites simultaneously?

Unpublishing sites prevents participants from accessing them unless they hold an administrative role within the site. You can unpublish multiple sites simultaneously in the Worksite Setup tool in your Home site.  

You can also unpublish an individual site by changing its access settings in the Site Settings tool.

Go to Home.

When you first log into UVACollab, you are placed in your Home site.  If you are viewing another UVACollab site, select the Home tab in the favorites bar at the top of the screen, or in your My Sites list, to access it.

Go to Worksite Setup.

Select the Worksite Setup tool from the tool menu in Home

You can use the Term dropdown menu to view sites from a specific term, or search for specific sites in the Search box.

Select sites to unpublish.

  1. Select the checkboxes for the sites to be unpublished.
  2. Select the Unpublish button.

Confirm your changes.

Select the Unpublish button to confirm your changes and unpublish the sites.

Note: You can republish unpublished sites by visiting the sites and selecting the (Publish Now) button in the banner near the top of the page.