How do I edit the site information?

The Site Information can be edited at any time to modify the site title, set the language for the site, and provide relevant information about your site. The Site Information appears on the Home page of your site. Updating the Site Information with information about the purpose of the site/course can be a great way to introduce students and/or site participants to you and the site.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the tool menu in your site.

Select the Edit Site Information tab.

Edit the Site Title.

Change the Site Language (optional).

If desired, you may select the language for your site.


  • The site language defaults to the language that each individual viewing the site selected in their Preferences.  In most cases, this is English.
  • Some text (for example, text in certain UVACollab messages or buttons) may display in English in your site, regardless of the selected site language.  If a tool is not shown in the desired language, you can customize its name.

Enter a Description (optional).

Use the Rich-Text Editor in the Description box to enter or edit information about your site. The information entered into the description area will appear on the site's Overview page.

Enter a Short Description (optional).

You may also enter a Short Description (with a maximum of 80 characters).

Note: Site participants who have chosen to display favorite sites with their description will see text from the short description in their favorites bar instead of the Site Title.

Edit the Site Contact information.

By default, the site contact is the person who created the site. You may edit the the Site Contact Name and Site Contact Email if a different instructor or owner should be the site contact.

Select Continue.

Select Finish to save changes.

You will be shown a confirmation screen with your changes highlighted in red, bold text. Select Finish to save your changes.