What is the Waitlisted Student role?

When students attempt to enroll in a course that has reached maximum capacity in the Student Information System (SIS), they may be placed on a waitlist. Waitlisted students often wish to participate in a course, so they will not fall behind if they are able to fully enroll in the course before the end of the add/drop period. See the SIS FAQs for faculty (opens new window) for how waitlists work.

A person's role in a UVACollab site determines their permissions, which control the content and features they can access and use. Adding someone to a site in the Waitlisted Student role grants them the same default permissions as participants in the Student role, but makes it easy for instructors to identify the students who are still on a waitlist. You can find more information in What are Permissions and Roles?

Tip: An instructor can add a waitlist or Waiting List roster to their course site to add all waitlisted students to the site automatically. If some students remain on the waitlist at the end of the add/drop period, the roster will remove those students from the site automatically.

Note: Adding and removing waitlisted students in course sites does not replace the process for managing wait or permission lists in SIS (opens new window).

What can waitlisted students do in a course site?

Site participants in the Waitlisted Student role can complete the same tasks and be evaluated like fully enrolled students. For example, they can:

  • Access text and multimedia content (e.g., readings in Resources, video or audio files in Media Gallery, etc.),
  • Access, complete, and submit assignments and assessments in Assignments and Tests & Quizzes,
  • Participate in Discussions,
  • Edit collaborative documents in Wiki, Confluence Wiki, and Annotations (NowComment),
  • Receive grades,
  • Receive messages sent to the site email address.