How do I download content from UVACollab?

This article provides steps to export or download content from tools in UVACollab to save a copy of it offline. 

If you need to transition your content from UVACollab to another platform, follow the UVACollab Transition Checklist.

1. Site Tools

Tool Title Type of Content Export/Access Information
Annotations (Hypothesis) Annotations can be exported.
Annotations (NowComment) Comments can be exported.

For NowComment download options:

  1. View the document.
  2. Select More in the menu bar. 
  3. Select Download & Export Options.
Announcements Content cannot be exported.
Assignments Assignments can be exported.

Print as a PDF or use the subscription link to be able to download events as iCal.

Chat Content cannot be exported.
Confluence Wiki Content can be accessed directly from Confluence and exported.  
Discussions Content cannot be exported.
ePortfolio (Digication) Content (ePortfolios) can be accessed directly from Digication where it can be downloaded.   
File Drop Content can be downloaded.
Gradescope Assignment grades, evaluations and submissions can be accessed and exported directly from Gradescope.


iRubric content is available in a variety of ways - 

  1. Rubrics can be printed.    
  2. Rubrics can be made public and shared via direct links/embed codes.
  3. Create and download a variety of reports.
  4. Download grades by accessing the graded rubric and select the ellipsis menu and then, download grades) 

Lecture Capture (Panopto) Video and audio streams can be accessed directly from Panopto and downloaded.
Lessons Content can be exported.
Media Gallery (Kaltura) My Media content can be downloaded.
Messages Content cannot be exported.
Newsfeed RSS feeds cannot be exported but can be collected as URLs and stored as bookmarks.
Online Meetings (Zoom) Recordings can be accessed directly from Zoom and downloaded.
Piazza Statistics from Piazza discussions can be accessed directly from Piazza.
Peer Review (Peerceptiv) Both submissions and comments can be downloaded.   
Poll Everywhere Content (notes, readings & discussion prompts) can be accessed directly from Poll Everywhere. Reports can be downloaded for poll results and activities can be downloaded as slides.  
Posted Feedback Feedback content can be downloaded.
  • Click the download link on the Posted Feedback page to download a CSV file.
Resources Content can be downloaded.
Sign Up Meeting data can be exported.  
Statistics Statistic reports can be exported.
Tests & Quizzes Assessments and results can be exported.
VoiceThread Content can be accessed and exported directly from VoiceThread. 
Wiki Content cannot be exported.
WordPress To preserve a WordPress site from within UVACollab, log into the administrative interface (dashboard) of your WordPress site and use the export function there.

2. Capture Content from Any Screen.

Open the link for your computer operating system below to find the steps to copy and paste content.