How do I set my preferences?

In the Preferences tool of your Home site, you can enable global settings for:  

  • Notifications - choose how often, or even whether, you want to receive email notifications of certain site activities,
  • Time Zone - set your time zone,
  • Language - select your language,
  • Sites - viewing (active) or hiding (inactive) sites in My Sites, and
  • Editor - select how the Rich-Text Editor is displayed.

Choose how to view the steps.

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Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Home.

When you first log into UVACollab, you are placed in your Home site automatically.  If you are viewing another UVACollab site, select the Home tab in the favorites bar at the top of the screen, or in your My Sites list, to access it.

Go to Preferences.

Select the Preferences tool from the Tool Menu in Home.

Select Notifications.

To customize your notification settings, select the Notifications tab.

Select notification preferences.

You may choose from the following three options for notifications from  the Announcements, Resources and File Drop, Site Email, Syllabus, and Tests & Quizzes tools.

  • Do not send notifications from the tool.
  • Send me one email per day summarizing all notifications.
  • Send me each notification separately. (Default setting).


  • These settings apply to *all* UVACollab sites of which you are a member.
  • It is recommended that students receive each notification separately for Site Email. This will ensure that you receive emails from your instructors in a timely manner.
  • Your Preferences setting for Tests & Quizzes applies to assessments *you* submit.  If you are an instructor, and would like to receive email notifications when your students submit a specific assessment, select the email notification option in the assessment settings.

Select Update Preferences.

Click Update Preferences.

If you change any of the Notification settings, select Update Preferences to save your changes.

Select Time Zone preferences.

Time Zone.

To set your local time zone, select the Time Zone tab.

Choose your time zone.

By default, US/Eastern is selected as the time zone.  To change to your  local time, select another time zone from the list, and then select Update Preferences to save your change.

Select Language preferences.

To set your preferred language, select the Language tab.

Choose your language.

By default, English-United States is used as the language.

  1. Select your preferred language from the list.
  2. Select Update Preferences to save your change.

Select Sites preferences.  

Select the Sites tab.

Customize site tabs.

The default Site Tab Display Format is the Site Title. If a site has a Short Description, selecting Site Short Description will display the first part of the description instead of the site title in your favorites bar and My Sites.  Sites without a Short Description will always display the site title.

Select sites to be hidden.

Below the Hide From Site Drawer heading is a complete list of all of your sites. Select sites that you no longer wish to view and access within My Sites.  

  1. Active (unhidden) sites appear with no check in a corresponding check box.
  2. Hidden sites appear with a selected check box.
  3. For course sites, you may select the check box next to a semester to hide all of the sites for that term.

Note: Hidden sites are still active in the system and are still visible and available to other site participants regardless of individual site display preferences.

Select Update Preferences.

To save your changes, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Update Preferences.

Select Editor preferences.

To select your Rich-Text Editor display preferences, select the Editor tab.

Select the Rich-Text Editor style.

Select one of the options for the editor menu:

  • Default -  The editor toolbar format changes automatically based on the width of your internet browser window.  
  • Mobile - Hide unneeded buttons from the editor's toolbar.
  • Desktop - Access all of the available formatting tools in the editor, regardless of the size of your browser window.

Note: Use the Mobile option for easier navigation with a keyboard or screen reader.

Select Update Preferences.

To save your changes, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Update Preferences.