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How can I use the Rich-Text Editor auto-save feature?

Auto-save is a feature in the Rich-Text Editor that, after working in the editor for an extended period of time, will temporarily save a backup of text you have entered.  The saved text may then be available the next time you open the Rich-Text Editor in the same tool.    

WARNING: Auto-save is not intended to save all content when typing in the editor for long periods of time.  For this purpose, we recommend composing your work in Word. Then, follow the steps in How do I paste text from a Microsoft Word document in the Rich-Text Editor?.

Auto-save prompt.

auto-save prompt

This prompt will appear after text has been auto-saved in the Rich-Text Editor.  

  • Select OK if you'd like to compare content versions.
  • Select Cancel to remove what has been saved.    

Compare Versions.

compare auto-saved versions

If OK was selected in the first prompt, a second window will appear which will allow you to compare the loaded content to the saved content.  

  1. Select either Side by Side view or Inline View.  In this example, Side by Side has been selected.
  2. Compare what was saved to what was loaded.
  3. After reviewing the content, select either the Yes, load auto-saved content button or the No button.

ALERT: Carefully read the Auto-save prompt so that the content you want to use is not overwritten.  

Undo Option.


If the content is incorrectly changed, use the Undo button in the editor's toolbar, or one of the standard keyboard commands for undoing an action (Ctrl + Z on a PC, or Command + Z on a Mac) to change the answer back to whatever was in the editor before.