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How do I paste as plain text in the Rich-Text Editor?

To copy and paste text from a Google doc or another web page into the Rich-Text Editor, you should use the Paste as Plain Text option.  Pasting as plain text will help remove HTML formatting from copied content.

Why should I use Paste as Plain Text?

Screenshot example of a post in Discussions with a long right scroll bar on the browser window. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

HTML copied from a web page and pasted directly into the editor can result in incorrectly formatted content.  The copied HTML may not only affect the pasted text but also other text on the page in UVACollab where it appears.

For example, if content from a Google doc is pasted directly into the editor when making a post in Discussions, the post with the pasted content and every other post on the page below it may display incorrectly.  Pictured above is a discussion post that has been copied from a Google doc and pasted directly into the editor.  The text stretches far to the right, off the page, requiring lots of scrolling to read it!

How do I use Paste as Plain Text?

Copy the text from the Google doc or web page.

Select the text in your Google doc or web page and copy it to your computer's clipboard (CTRL + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac).

In the Rich Text Editor, select the Paste as Plain Text icon.

The Paste as Plain Text icon displays a clipboard with a T in a box in its lower right-hand corner.

Follow the pasting instructions.

A message will appear in the editor providing instructions to paste the text using your computer keyboard.  These instructions may differ slightly depending on your internet browser or computer operating system, but are typically the following:

  • CTRL + Shift + V on a PC
  • Command + Shift + V on a Mac

Place your cursor in the editor and use the appropriate keyboard command to paste.

Edit pasted text.

When you paste content as plain text, most formatting will be removed.  You can add formatting such as bold and italics using the buttons or keyboard commands in the Rich-Text Editor.