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How do I create a link to an activity in the Rich-Text Editor?

If you have created activities in your site such as assignments, assessments or discussion topics, you can link to one of these activities in the Rich-Text Editor using the Server Browser.

Tip: If you are adding content in the Lessons tool, you may also add links directly as individual items on the page, rather than within the Rich-Text Editor.  See the articles on adding content in Lessons for more information on embedding and linking items on a lesson page.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Select the text to be linked.

In the editor, select the text you would like to serve as a link to the activity.  For accessibility, you should use meaningful text to link to the activity.

The Link icon looks like a chain link.

Or use Ctrl/Command-L on the keyboard to open the Link dialog box.

Alternatively, you can open the Link dialog box with the keyboard command Ctrl + L (in Windows) or Command + L (on a Mac).

Select Browse Server.

The Link window will pop up.  In the Link window, select Browse Server.

Note: If you copy a link in Resources and paste it into the Rich-Text Editor in another tool (e.g. Lessons) rather than using the Server Browser to select the item in the editor, the link will not change when you import content from the site.

The Server Browser window will pop up, displaying content in the current site's Resources tool.

In the left-hand menu, select the name of the tool that contains the activity to link, for example Forums.  This will expand the tool's contents.

  1. Select the title of the activity you want to link, for example the title of a forum topic.
  2. Click the OK button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Select OK.

  1. The Link dialog box will display the link to the activity in the URL box.
  2. Select OK to create the link.

The text linked to the activity will be displayed in blue in the editor.