Top Troubleshooting Tips

Have you encountered an issue in UVACollab? Try taking these steps!

Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Your internet browser temporarily saves data from web pages you visit in a cache to make them load more quickly. However, if an older version of a page is loaded from the cache, it can cause errors. Clearing the cache and cookies regularly will help prevent problems.

Log out of UVACollab.

Clear the cache and cookies.

Follow the instructions provided at the links below for each supported browser:

Quit your browser.

Close your browser completely. If you are using a Mac, you'll need to select the name of the browser menu, then Quit, e.g., select Safari, then Quit Safari.

Return to UVACollab.

Reopen your browser and log in again, then return to the page where you were working.

Enable cookies in your browser.

If cookies are not enabled, some content, such as embedded video or audio files, may fail to load.  Follow the steps to enable cookies to access this content.

Disable ad blockers.

Ad blockers can prevent access to content, including icons, embedded media, and LaTeX math. It is recommended to disable ad blockers while working in UVACollab.