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How do I check what students or members can see and do in my site?

Instructors or site administrators can see EXACTLY what their site participants see in their site by logging in with a guest account that has been added to the site as a student or member.

Note: Instructors and Secondary Instructors in a course site can use the View Site As menu to get an approximate student view of tools and content in their site.  For steps to use View Site As, see How does an instructor view a course site as a student?

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Add your non-UVA email to your site.

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the Add Participants tab.

Enter your non-UVA email address.

  1. In the Non-UVa Participants box, enter your non-UVA email address.
  2. Select Continue.

Make your non-UVA account a student or member in your site and continue.

  1. Select Student for the participant role in a course site, or Member in a collaboration site.
  2. Select Continue.

Select Continue.

You can choose to send your non-UVA address a notification email to indicate that it's been added to the site.  If this is the first time your non-UVA address will be added to any UVACollab site, it will receive another notification with login details, whether or not you choose to send yourself email notification here.

Select Continue.

Confirm adding the participant.

You will be taken to a confirmation screen listing the participant to add to the site.  Select Finish to confirm.

Log in using your guest account.

If you have just created your guest account, get the account's temporary password.

Check your non-UVA email address for the UVACollab New User Notification email with your guest account's new, temporary password.

Log in to UVACollab using the Other Login button.

Make sure you are logged out of UVACollab.  Then, click the Other Login link on the UVACollab home page.

Enter guest login details.
  1. Enter your non-UVA email address in the email address box, and the corresponding password in the password box.  If this is a new account, it will be the temporary password from the email you received.
  2. Click Login.
Modify Guest Account details.

Go to Account and follow the steps outlined in How do I view and edit my Account details? (Guest Accounts Only) to change your guest account's password to one of your choosing.

Go to your site.

Access your site while you are logged into your guest account to view and interact with it as a student or member.