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How do I set the language for text in the Rich-Text Editor?

If your UVACollab site contains text in a language that is different from the site's language (e.g., some French text in an English language site), setting the appropriate language for your text is very important for accessibility.

Individuals with low vision and cognitive or learning disabilities may need a screen reader or text-to-speech software to read. These types of software may only read the text correctly if they are told by the language settings in the document to speak in the right language. Language settings can also help internet browsers render certain characters correctly, e.g., Japanese and Hebrew letters.

Setting the correct language for text is especially important for foreign language course sites, where students may not know the language well enough for the instructor to set the UVACollab site's language in it, but most of the course content will be in a different language than the default of English.

Tip: For steps to change your UVACollab site's language, see How do I edit the site information?

Select the text.

In the editor, select the text that is in a different language from your UVACollab site's language.

Select the Set language icon.

The Set language icon displays a Chinese symbol.

Select the language.

From the menu, select the appropriate language for the text.