How do I reuse content from one site in another site?

This article summarizes the options for reusing content in sites, and provides links to individual articles which contain the steps for each option.

You can reuse content from multiple tools in a site by either:

  1. Creating a new site that duplicates the tools and content from an existing site,
  2. Or importing content from one existing site to another.

You can also copy specific Resources items from one site to another, or export a specific assessment from Tests & Quizzes in one site, then import it into a new site:

  1. Copy a Resources file or folder from one site to another.
  2. Export and import tests or quizzes.

Tip: You can give others permission to copy your course content. This will allow you to easily share the same materials or assignments in different course or section sites.

How do copied items display in a new site?

Copied or imported Resources items have the same availability settings that they had in their original site. For example, if a resource was hidden from site participants in the original site, the copy in the new site will also be hidden.

However, many other imported items will be added to new sites in Draft form. You will need to edit release dates on these items and Save, Publish, or Post them to make them available to students in your new site. Depending on the tools and activities in your site, some needed updates may include the following:

  • Edit draft announcements and post each announcement in the Announcements tool.
  • Select Forum Settings for each draft forum in the Discussions tool to post the forum, thereby making the forums and topics available to students in the site.
  • Edit draft assignments, update delivery dates, and post each assignment draft in the Assignments tool. This will make the assignments available to students in the new site.
  • Change the available and due dates on assessments in the Tests & Quizzes tool and publish them.
  • Optionally, you may want to edit items in your site’s Gradebook tool to release them to students, as you deem appropriate.

Import all content from specific tools or an entire site.

Create a site copied from a previous site.

Screenshot of the From Previous Site option in Site Builder, with the Select Site to Copy button selected.

You can use Site Builder to create a new site that includes the content from one of your existing sites.  Student information, submissions, and grades are NOT copied to the new site.

For detailed instructions, see How do I create a site copied from a previous site?

Import content from one site to another.

Screenshot of the options in Import from Site, with the link I would like to merge my data selected.

If you have already created a site and want to import all instructor-created content from one or more tools in your other site(s), you can use the Import from Site option.  Student information, submissions, and grades are NOT copied to the destination site.

To use Import from Site, follow the steps in How do I import content from one site to another?

Copy specific resources or assessments.

Copy Resources content from one site to another.

Screenshot showing the Copy content from my other sites link in Resources with folders and files to copy expanded underneath it.

If you just want to copy a few specific items in Resources from one site to another (for example, from Home to Resources in one of your course or collaboration sites), follow the steps in How do I copy a Resources file or folder from one site to another site?

Export a test or quiz from one site and import it into another.

Screenshot of Tests & Quizzes showing the Actions menu for a quiz in Working Copies with Export selected.

For instructions to export a Tests & Quizzes assessment, save it to your local computer, then import it into another site, see How do I export and import assessments?