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How do I recover missing content from participants who have left my site?

If site participants are removed from a site, work they submitted and their grades will not be visible in certain tools. This article describes what happens to former participants' content and how to retrieve it if it is missing.

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Why would someone be removed from a site?

Site participants might be removed:

What content might be missing?

Tools with missing content.

In each of the following tools, former site participants' content listed below will not be visible:

  • Assignments - Submissions and their associated grades and feedback.
  • Tests & Quizzes - Submissions and their associated grades and feedback.
  • Gradebook - Grades and their associated comments.

Tools with content still available.

Former site participants' content will still be available in:

  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Chat
  • File Drop - If a user is removed or marked inactive after a file or folder has been added to that user's File Drop folder, their folder will remain available. If the user's folder remained empty until they were removed or marked inactive, their folder will be removed.
  • Discussions
  • Lessons
  • Messages
  • Polls
  • Sign Up
  • Wiki

Recover a site participant's content.

Add site participant back to the site.

Tip: It is recommended to contact the users to let them know you will be temporarily adding them back to the site.

Or, mark the site participant as active.

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the tool menu in your site.

Find the Manage Participants section.

Scroll down on the page to find the Manage Participants section which contains the full list of participants in your site.

Change the participant status to Active.

  1. From the drop-down menu under the Status column for the participant, select Active.
  2. Select Update Participants.

Remove participant or mark them as inactive.

After you retrieve the information you were looking for, manually remove the site participant(s) from your site or mark them as inactive.