How do I set up my profile?

The Profile tool contains basic user information, including the user's name and email address, as well as other optionally displayed information.  

In addition to basic user information such as name and email address, the Profile tool may include optional information such as users' name pronunciation and pronouns, photos, basic information, contact information, social networking information, and privacy settings.  

Note: All of these fields are optional.

Go to Profile.

Select Profile from the tool menu in your Home site.

View your profile.

You will see your current profile information. You can edit any of the information on this page by following the steps below.

To edit your profile picture, see How do I set up my profile photo?

Edit Basic Information.

The Basic Information section allows users to enter some general information about themselves.

Select Edit.

Enter basic information.

  1. Enter a Nickname.
  2. Enter your Birthday or select the calendar icon to select the date.
  3. Provide a Personal summary or biography. Some basic formatting options are available in the menu bar immediately above the dialog box.
  4. Select the Save changes button.

Note: All fields are optional. You may also choose to show/hide some information in your Privacy settings.

Edit Name Pronunciation and Pronouns.

The Name Pronunciation and Pronouns section allows users to enter a phonetic pronunciation or record themselves saying their name, as well as to specify their pronouns. Site Administrators will be able to view this information in the List or Card view of the Roster tool.

Select Edit.

Select your Pronouns.

From the Pronouns drop-down menu, select your pronouns. Options include:

  • He/Him/His
  • She/Her/Hers
  • They/Them/Theirs
  • Xe/Xem/Xyr(s)
  • Ze/Hir/Hir(s)
  • Ze/Zir/Zirs
  • Use my name
  • Enter my own (Selecting this option will make a My Pronouns text box available for you to type your pronouns. You will be able to enter up to 16 characters in the text box.)
  • Unspecified (The default option.)

Record your name pronunciation.

  1. Type in a Phonetic Pronunciation of your name so that readers will be able to pronounce it. For example, someone named Christine Berret could type kris-TEEN BEAR-it to help readers pronounce her name.
  2. Select Record next to Name Recording and follow the prompts in your browser to record yourself saying your name.
  3. Select Save changes.

Edit Contact Information.

The Contact Information section allows users to enter information such as home, work, and mobile phone numbers.

Select Edit.

Enter contact information.

  1. The email address associated with your account in UVACollab will be automatically populated in the "Email" field.
  2. Enter a Home page URL for your website.
  3. Enter your Work phone number.
  4. Enter your Home phone number.
  5. Enter your Mobile phone number.
  6. Enter your Facsimile (Fax) number.
  7. Select Save changes.

Edit Staff Information.

The Staff Information section allows faculty and staff to enter information about their titles, roles, and responsibilities.  

Select Edit.

Enter staff information.

  1. Enter your Position.
  2. Enter your Department.
  3. Enter your School.
  4. Enter your Room.
  5. Enter a Staff Profile. Some basic formatting options are available in the menu bar immediately above the dialog box.
  6. Enter a University Profile URL.
  7. Enter a Academic/research URL.
  8. Enter any Publications and conferences information. Some basic formatting options are available in the menu bar immediately above the dialog box.
  9. Select Save changes.

Edit Student Information.

The Student Information section allows students to enter information about their degree programs and fields of study.  

Select Edit.

Enter student information.

  1. Enter your Degree/Course.
  2. Enter your Subjects or field(s) of study.
  3. Select Save changes.

Edit Social Networking.

The Social Networking section allows users to add links to sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Select Edit.

Enter social networking information.

  1. Enter your Facebook URL.
  2. Enter your LinkedIn URL.
  3. Enter your MySpace URL.
  4. Enter your Skype username.
  5. Enter your Twitter URL.
  6. Select Save changes.

Edit Personal Information.

The Personal Information section allows users to enter information about their favorite books, TV shows, movies, or quotes.

Select Edit.

Enter personal information.

  1. Enter your Favorite books.
  2. Enter your Favorite TV shows.
  3. Enter your Favorite movies.
  4. Enter your Favorite quotes.
  5. Select Save changes.