Introducing Search!

A powerful, versatile search feature is now available in UVACollab! You can use the new Search tool to search for words or phrases in a particular site—or all of your sites—to find readings, forum posts, emails, or other items quickly and easily. Search results may be grouped together by the sites in which they appear, or ungrouped and listed according to relevance only.

Search results are compiled from these tools:

  • Announcements
  • Forums
  • Chat Room
  • Lessons
  • Overview
  • Resources
  • Site Email
  • Syllabus
  • Wiki  

Your results are personal to you, based on the content in these tools that is accessible to you in your sites.

Accessing the Search tool

The Search tool is available in the Tool Menu in your Home site:

When you sign into UVACollab, you are placed in your Home site automatically. If you have already signed into UVACollab, you can access your Home site by selecting the Home tab in your favorites bar near the top of the page, or in your My Sites list.

Using the Search options

The Search tool includes several options to help you organize and review your search results:

Select the Group by Site checkbox to group search results by the sites in which they appear.

Unselect the Group by Site checkbox to ungroup the search results and list them according to relevance only.

Select a site from the dropdown menu to limit search results to that site.

Use quotation marks to search for specific words or phrases.