What is a joinable site?

When someone creates a site in UVACollab, they have the option to make the site joinable. Anyone with a UVACollab account can add themselves to a joinable site. For steps to make your site joinable, see How do I control site access?

Site administrators must make the decision whether or not to make a site joinable and choose a role for those who join.

Teaching Assistants who are not on the SIS class roster and guest lecturers may be manually added to a course site using the steps in How do I manually add people to my site?

For steps to join sites, see How do I join a site?

INSTRUCTORS: In most cases, instructors should NOT configure a course site to be joinable. Doing so does not enroll a student in your course and is not the sanctioned method for making course sites available to students. Instead, an official class roster from SIS should be added to the site to give officially enrolled students access to it. Refer to How do I create a course site using the Quick Guide? for adding a roster during site creation, or How do I add a class roster? to add a roster to an existing site.

Examples of joinable sites

Some examples of joinable sites include:

If you are not a member of one of these sites and you would like to join it, log into UVACollab, select the link, then select Yes to join the site.

What roles can participants have when they join a site?

Joinable roles are restricted to prevent granting anyone an access level that would allow them to make inappropriate changes to the site data or delete the site. The available joinable roles depend on the site type: collaboration sites allow Members or Observers to join; course sites only allow Students or Waitlisted Students to join.

The site owner/instructor must intentionally change the role for participants who have joined a site to grant them a higher access level in the site.

How can I make it easy for people to join my site?

If you give someone the URL for your joinable site, they can join and access the site using the link.

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the tool menu in your site.

Copy the Site URL.

The Site URL, which displays near the top of the Site Settings page, is the link to your site.  Copy the URL, starting with https://collab.its.virginia.edu to your computer's clipboard.

You can paste the URL (e.g., into an email) to share it with someone whom you want to join your site.