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Why can't I receive emails from UVACollab sites?

If you are not receiving emails from UVACollab sites, you may not have a deliverable address set up for your UVA computing ID, or you may have turned off email notifications in your Home Preferences.

Set a deliverable address in the Address Management System.

To send and receive emails from UVACollab sites, each UVA student, faculty, and staff member must have a deliverable email address associated with their account.

Refer to the ITS Address Management System (AMS) site for more information about setting up a deliverable address.

Check your notification preferences.

Email notification options set in your Home site's Preferences apply to ALL UVACollab sites in which you are a member.

Make sure that you have not disabled email notifications.

Tip: For Announcements and Site Email, it is recommended that students use the default setting of Send me each notification separately. This will ensure that you receive emails from your instructors in a timely manner.


  • If you missed some messages sent via Announcements or Site Email, you can check the messages in these tools. See How do I view announcements? or How do I view messages sent to Site Email?
  • If a site owner or administrator selects High priority email notifications when posting an announcement, you should receive the message via email even if you have chosen the Preferences option Do not send me low priority announcements.

Your non-UVA email account may have blocked emails.

Some email domains automatically block emails from UVACollab because they incorrectly identify these emails as SPAM or junk mail.

Email domains that may block messages include:

  • yahoo.com
  • hotmail.com
  • outlook.com
  • comcast.net

If you are using a non-UVA guest email, or you forward emails from your UVA account to a non-UVA email account, some of your emails may be blocked.