Where is my site?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to locate a site, including any of the following (more details in the steps below):

  • A site has not yet been created for a course.
  • You have just enrolled in a course.  If you enrolled in a course today in SIS, it will take two hours before that change will be available in UVACollab.
  • If you have access to many sites, you may need to find your site in My Sites, or access it via your Home site's Worksite Setup tool.
  • If you have hidden a site, you may access it via your Home site's Worksite Setup tool.
  • You were removed from a course roster in SIS.
  • A course roster was removed from a site.
  • A site owner or administrator has removed access to the site.

How do I access sites?

You may find sites in one or more of the following locations:

  • Your Favorite sites navigation bar (Desktop View only) displays up to 10 favorite sites.
  • My Courses in your Home site provides access to available course sites where you were officially enrolled in the Student Information System (SIS), organized by term.
  • My Sites provides searchable access to active course and collaboration sites.
  • Worksite Setup in your Home site provides searchable access to all sites, including hidden sites.

For detailed steps on finding your sites, see How do I see and access my sites?

I used to have access to a site, but now I don't.  Why not?

Changes in SIS data may have removed you from a course roster.

If your course site no longer appears in UVACollab, it may be because your data in SIS has changed in some way, e.g., you dropped a course or there is block on your SIS registration status.

If a SIS issue has resulted in your removal from a course roster, contact the University Registrar's Office (opens new window) to correct the problem.

A course roster may have been removed from a site.

If you were added to a site via an official course roster, and the roster was removed from the site, you will no longer have access to the site.

A site owner or administrator may have removed your access to the site.

Site administrators control who has access to their sites.  They can remove access in one of the following ways:

If you need access to a site, contact the instructor, site owner or administrator to request access.