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What are the Message Center Notifications?

The Message Center Notifications section displays the count of recent Messages and Forum posts; unread messages are indicated by a number and envelope icon.  You can find Message Center Notifications on the Overview page of any UVACollab site which has either the Forums or Messages tool added to it.  If there are no new messages or posts, the word "none" will be displayed.

In your Home site, the Message Center Notifications are displayed for all of the sites in which you are enrolled.  Clicking on the title of a site will take you to the Overview page for that site.

In the Message Center of any site:

  • Clicking on the New Messages indicator (Go to messages) will take you directly to the Message Inbox for that site.
  • Clicking on the New in Forums indicator (Go to forums) will take you directly to the Forums tool for that site.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

View Message Center.

View Message Center.