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How do I embed a YouTube video in the Rich-Text Editor?

You can embed a YouTube video in the Rich-Text Editor using YouTube's embed code.  When using video, you should select a video with captions for accessibility.

Tip: If you are adding content in the Lessons tool, you may also insert videos directly as individual items on the page, rather than within the Rich-Text Editor.  See the articles on adding content in Lessons for more information on embedding and linking items on a lesson page.

Obtain the embed code for the YouTube video.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Locate the video to embed.
  1. On the YouTube site, search for the video to embed.
  2. Select the video.
Select Share.

On the YouTube page, select the Share link underneath the video.

Select Embed.

A Share dialog box showing the link to the video will pop up.  Select the Embed link at the bottom of the Share box to view the embed code.

Select embedding options (Optional).

An Embed Video window will pop up showing the embed code and embedding options.  If desired, scroll down in the Embed Video window to the EMBED OPTIONS section.  This will allow you to select options for the embedded video.

By default the following options are selected:

  1. Show suggested videos when the video finishes.
  2. Show player controls.
  3. Show video title and player actions.

You should leave the following options selected: Show player controls and Show video title and player actions.  Allowing viewers to control the playback of a video is important for accessibility.  For more information on making video accessible, see How can I make videos and audio files more accessible?

However, it is recommended that you remove the check mark next to Show suggested videos when the video finishes.  Deselecting this option will prevent other videos from displaying when your selected video ends.

Note: You must complete this step before copying the embed code, or changes you make will not take effect.

Copy the embed code.


Select the YouTube embed code and Copy it to your computer's clipboard (Ctrl +C in Windows or Command + C on a Mac).

Enter the embed code in the UVACollab editor.

In UVACollab, access the editor in which to embed the video and select Source.

Select the Source button in the Rich-Text Editor.

Paste the YouTube embed code.

In the source code, paste the YouTube embed code (Ctrl + V in Windows or Command + V on a Mac).

Select Source again.
  1. Select the Source button again to return the display to normal editing mode.
  2. The embedded YouTube video will display as a box marked IFRAME.
Preview video. (Optional)

Select the Preview button in the Rich-Text Editor to preview your video in another internet browser tab or window.  The Preview button looks like a paper with a magnifying glass.

View video in posted item.

After you Save or Post the item you were creating in the editor, the published item displays the embedded YouTube video in place of the IFRAME box.