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How do I view and edit my Account details? (Guest Accounts Only)

Your Account details include your User Id, Name, Email Address, and Password for UVACollab.  People with Guest logins can change their password and update their name and email address, if desired.  

Go to Home.

When you first log into UVACollab, you are placed in your Home site.  If you are viewing another UVACollab site, select the Home tab in the favorites bar at the top of the screen, or in your My Sites list, to access it.

Select Account.

Select Account from the tool menu.

Modify account details.

Select the Modify Details or Password button.

Change your name, email or password.

  1. Enter your First Name and Last Name in the boxes provided to associate a name with your account in UVACollab sites.
  2. To change your email address, enter a new address in the Email box.
  3. Enter your current password in the Enter Current Password box.
  4. To change your password, enter the desired new password in both the Create New Password and Verify New Password boxes.  When the same password is entered in both boxes, a green check mark icon with the message Passwords match will appear under the password boxes.
  5. At the bottom of the page, select Update Details.

If you changed your email address, change your User ID accordingly.

If you entered a new email address for your account, an alert will appear at the top of the My Account Details screen to let you know that you can change your User ID to match your new email address.

It is recommended that you change your User ID to your new email address so when you log into UVACollab, you will enter the email address that is associated with your account.

An email with the subject Please Validate your UVACollab Account will be sent to your new email address.  Access the Update Username page link included in the email.

Confirm changing your User ID.

Accessing the link in the email will take you to an Update your account page.

  1. Enter your Password in the box provided.
  2. Select Update your account to confirm changing your User ID.