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How do I manually add people to my site?

You can manually add individual UVA participants to your site using their UVA computing IDs, e.g. mst3k, and non-UVA guests using their email addresses.

Officially enrolled students automatically become participants in course sites when you add your course roster(s) to the site. For steps to do this, see How do I add a class roster?

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the tool menu in your site.

Select the Add Participants tab.

Add participant information.

  1. For UVA participants, under UVa Participants, type or copy and paste each participant's UVa computing ID, e.g., mst3k, one per line.
  2. For non-UVA participants, under Non-UVa Participants, enter their email addresses, one per line.
  3. Under Participant Roles, choose whether to give all your newly added participants the same role or different roles (i.e., Student, Secondary Instructor, Teaching Assistant, etc.). Individual participant roles can be changed later on the main Site Settings screen.
  4. Under Participant Status, choose whether to let your newly added participants use the site and receive email notifications from it by selecting Active, or keep them from accessing the site for now by selecting Inactive.
  5. Select Continue.

Choose participant role(s).

Assign all participants the same role.

For the default option of Assign all participants the same role, select the radio button for the desired role and then click Continue.

Select individual participant roles.

  1. If you chose to Assign each participant a role individually, use the drop-down menus to the right of the participants' names to select each participant's role.
  2. Select Continue.

Choose whether to send a notification email.

  1. If desired, choose the Send Now option to send a notification email to new site participants.  The default setting is Don't send.
  2. Select Continue.

Confirm addition of participants.

A confirmation screen will display the options you selected for the new participants, i.e., whether they will be sent an email notifying them of the site's availability, their roles, and status (Active or Inactive).  Review the list of new participants to confirm that they will be added to your site in the correct roles, with the correct status.

If the information is correct, select Finish.  Alternatively, if the information is incorrect, you can select Back to return to the previous page(s) and change information.

Note: Participants' Status should be set to Active if you want them to be able to access the site and/or receive email notifications from it.