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How do I rearrange or rename the items in the tool menu?

The tool menu can be customized by instructors or site administrators to modify the appearance of menu items in the site, including reordering or renaming tools.

For more options to edit the tools in your site, see:

Note: In course site templates, some tools are hidden by default so instructors can reveal content to students as the semester progresses.  For more information, see:

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to Site Settings.

Select Site Settings from the tool menu in your site.

Select the Tool Order tab.

Drag and Drop items to rearrange the tools.

Click on a tool to move and drag it into a new position in the list.

Rename a tool.

  1. Select the cog icon to the right of a visible tool.
  2. Select Edit Tool Title.

Edit the Title, select the green check mark icon.

  1. Enter a new name for the tool in the Title field.  In the example pictured above, the Online Meetings tool was renamed as Online Office Hours.
  2. Select the green check mark icon to Save changes made to the tool.

Sort tools alphabetically.

To automatically sort tools alphabetically in the tool menu, select the Sort Alphabetically button at the bottom of the Page Order screen.

Note: If Overview is sorted below any other tool(s), you may want to move the page back to the top of the list after sorting tools alphabetically.

Select Save.