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How do I create a zip file of items in Resources or File Drop?

You can compress a folder in Resources or File Drop to a zip archive. This can help you download a folder of items more easily or conserve space.

Note: To create a zip file of items in Resources, you must have permission to create files or folders in Resources.

Go to Resources or File Drop.

Select Resources or File Drop from the tool menu in your site.

Select Actions, then Compress to Zip Archive.

  1. To the right of the folder from which you want to create a zip file, select the Actions menu.
  2. Select Compress to ZIP Archive.


  • On mobile devices or small screens, the Actions menu displays as a down arrow icon.
  • You must have enough space available in Resources to store the newly added zip file.  If your site's Resources folder does not have enough available space, you will get an error which indicates: "An error has occurred while compressing to zip archive." For more information on space in Resources, see What is the Resources quota?

View the Zip file.

The zip file contains a copy of each subfolder and file inside the selected folder.

Note: The zip file has the same name as the Resources folder that was compressed. By default, the zip file is placed inside of the main Resources folder.