How do I create a video quiz?

You can create a quiz from any video you have uploaded to My Media or the Media Gallery in any of your UVACollab sites. These instructions describe creating a quiz in your site's Media Gallery.

For more information about video quizzes, see:

Select Media Gallery from the tool menu of the site.

Access the Media tab.

If any playlists have been created in the site, the Playlists tab will display as the first page of the Media Gallery.  If this is the case, select the Media tab to go to it.

Note: The Media tab will display with the number of files currently included in it, e.g., 3 Media.

Select + Add Media.

Note: On mobile devices or small screens, the Add Media button displays as a plus (+) icon.

Select Add New, then Video Quiz.

On the Add Media page:

  1. Select Add New.
  2. Select Video Quiz.

Upload or select a video.

A list of all your media will be displayed.  Either:

  1. Use the + Upload Media button to upload a new video,
  2. Or choose the video for the quiz using the Select > button.


  • You can use the Search box above the list of media to find a video.
  • By default, media you own will be displayed. To view media that has been shared with you, select View Media I Own, then select Media I Can Edit.

Edit quiz settings. (Optional)

The quiz editor will display. You can edit settings such as the quiz title and welcome message, scoring options, and whether students can change their answers or skip questions.

Adjust Details.

By default, the quiz will have the name of the original video, followed by - Quiz. To edit the name or welcome message for the quiz, select the Details tab.

Note: For accessibility, it is recommended to leave the default setting Allow Download of Question List selected. Some students with disabilities may need to download the questions to be able to read and answer them.

Adjust Scores settings.

By default, after a student submits the quiz, their score and the correct/incorrect answers to questions are shown. Students also cannot take the quiz multiple times, by default. To change these settings, select the Scores tab.

Adjust Experience settings.

By default, students can change their answers before submitting the quiz, skip questions, and navigate the video past the questions. To change these settings, select the Experience tab.

Play the video or select a moment in the timeline.


Navigate to the place in the video where you want to add a question.

  1. Select the Play button under the video, then Pause it at the location for the question.
  2. Alternatively, if you are using a mouse, click on the timeline to select a timestamp in the video.

Choose a question type.

  1. Select the Add a Question button on the video.
  2. Options for question types will display over the video.  Select one of the following question types:
    • Multiple Choice: A question where a student selects one correct answer from a pre-written list of responses.
    • Reflection Point: This is not a question that students answer; it presents text to encourage students to think about the video's content.
    • True/False: A question that requires students to indicate whether a statement is true or false.
    • Open-Ended Question: A short answer question. There is no option to grade student responses to these within Media Gallery.

Enter question text and answer options.

Multiple Choice.

For a multiple choice question:

  1. Click the two arrows (Shuffle) button to shuffle the answer options.
  2. Enter the question text in the box provided.
  3. Enter the correct answer in the Add the CORRECT Answer Here box.
  4. Enter another answer option in the Add Additional Answer Here box.
  5. Click on the drag handle for an answer option and drag it into a new position to change the order of answer options.
  6. Select the plus sign (+) button to add another answer option text box. You can include up to four answer options.
  7. Select Save.

Note: Some editing options are not keyboard accessible.

Reflection Point.

For a reflection point:

  1. Enter the text in the box provided.
  2. Select Save.


For a true/false question:

  1. Enter the question text in the box provided.
  2. Select the correct answer (true or false).
  3. Select Save.

Open-Ended Question.

For an open question:

  1. Enter the question text in the box provided.
  2. Select Save.

Edit questions.

Once questions have been created, they will appear in the video's timeline as box icons. To view and edit questions:

  1. To go to the previous or next question, select the back or forward arrow icon to the left or right of the Play button under the video.
  2. Alternatively, click on a box icon in the timeline to go to the question. Click and drag the box icon to move the question to a different point in the video.

Select Preview or Done.

  1. You can preview the quiz by selecting Preview.
  2. When all your questions have been created, select the Done button above the video to save the quiz.

Access the quiz.

Select the Go to Media Page button to navigate to and view the quiz.