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How do I enable grade syncing in iClicker Cloud for my course?

After the iClicker Cloud tool has been added to your site, it will need to be configured for your class.  This will allow you to sync grades from iClicker activities into Gradebook.  

Students will also be able to register their iClicker accounts with the course.   

Note: Only those in the Instructor role will be able to complete these steps.  

Preliminary Steps.

Before configuring the iClicker Cloud tool in UVACollab, you will need to complete the following steps:    

  1. Create an iClicker account (opens in new window) if you don't already have one.  
  2. Create your Course in iClicker Cloud (opens in new window).
  3. Add the iClicker Cloud tool to your UVACollab site, How do I add a tool to my site? (opens new window).

Log into your iClicker account.

Go to iclicker.com (opens new window) and select Sign In to log into your iClicker account.  

Select the title of your course.

After logging into iClicker, the course will appear on the Courses page.  Select the title of the course you want to configure.  In this example, we will select the title 21 Sp Test.

Select Settings.

Select Settings from the left-hand menu of your course's iClicker window.

Select Integrations.

On the course's Settings page, select Integrations.

Enable Grade Sync Integration.

  1. Toggle Grade Sync Integration to On and;
  2. Select Sakai from the available platforms drop-down list.

Select Copy Link to copy the course-specific LTI link to the clipboard of your computer.  This link will be used when configuring the iClicker Cloud tool in your UVACollab site.  

Select Email a reminder to unregistered students when I sync grades (recommended) option. to send a message to any students who have not registered for the iClicker class when syncing grades.  

For more information on grade syncing, see How do I enable grade syncing in iClicker Cloud for my course? (opens in new window).

Select Save.

Select Save in the upper right-hand corner of the page to save your changes.

Go to the iClicker Cloud tool in your UVACollab site.

Select iClicker Cloud from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select Edit on the iClicker Cloud page.  

Paste the course URL.

  1. On the Customize Web Content page, paste the copied course URL into the Launch URL field using the Paste command on your computer (Ctrl v for Windows and Cmd v for Mac).
  2. Select Update Options to save.

iClicker Cloud tool has now been configured and you are ready to sync grades.  For the steps on how to sync grades, visit How do I update Gradebook with iClicker grades? (opens in new window).

Get additional Help.

Questions about adding the iClicker Cloud tool or configuring it in your UVACollab site can be addressed to [email protected].

For online tutorials and help with features in iClicker Cloud, visit iClicker Support (opens new window).