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How do I restrict site visibility in WordPress?

When adding the WordPress tool to a UVACollab site, it is intended that only the participants in the UVACollab site should have access.  By default, the WordPress site is public.  Our recommendation is to modify one of the visibility settings in WordPress to restrict access to just your site's participants.  

Tip: - For a public facing WordPress site, use UVACreate (opens new window) to host and create your site.

Go to the WordPress tool.  

Select WordPress from the tool menu.  

Open the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Select the site's title in the WordPress toolbar.  
  2. Select Dashboard from the drop-down menu.

Access Reading settings.

  1. Select Settings in the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. From the Settings drop-down menu, select Reading.

Change Site Visibility setting.

Select one of the two recommended options described below:

  1. I would like my blog to be visible only to registered users I add to "WordPress" - restricts access to the WordPress site to the participants in the UVACollab site where WordPress has been added.
  2. I would like "WordPress" to be visible only to Admins. - only participants in the UVACollab site with an administrative type role has access.  Examples include Owner, Instructor, Administrator and Secondary Instructor.

Save your selection.

Select the Save Changes button to save your Site visibility selection.

You can't change privacy settings for the media you upload to WordPress.  Media is also accessible to anyone using the URL and can be indexed by search engines.