What is the WordPress tool?

WordPress is a popular platform that allows you to create websites for course materials, blogs, portfolios, or projects.  A WordPress site may be accessed directly in the UVACollab site where it is created.  Access to your WordPress site is restricted to the participants in the corresponding UVACollab site.

Note: For instructions to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add a tool to my site?

WordPress Features

Site administrators can:

  • Manage all aspects of the site.
  • Create and delete pages and posts.
  • Publish and manage other's posts.
  • Publish and manage their own posts.

Authors can:

  • Publish and manage their own posts.

To access this tool, select WordPress from the tool menu in your site.

Get additional Help.

Questions about WordPress, creating pages, and administering WordPress via the WordPress tool in UVACollab can be addressed to [email protected].

For online tutorials and help with features in WordPress, visit WordPress Help (opens new window).