What is the Poll Everywhere tool?

Poll Everywhere allows you to create polls or activities that encourage audience participation, whether that be in an online class or departmental meeting.  A Poll Everywhere activity is a single question or prompt.  Activities include:

  • Multiple-choice - where the selection options are provided.
  • Open-ended - allows participants to respond to a question with a written answer. 
  • Clickable Image - defined regions in the image are marked as correct.  
  • Ranking  - allows participants to move options into a desired order, and submit the reordered list as one response. 
  • Q&A  - participants can submit open-ended responses (questions or ideas), then up-vote or down-vote other submissions. 
  • Surveys  - ask participants multiple questions at the same time.  

Audience members respond using specific instructions that are displayed live.  Instructions can include going to a Poll Everywhere presenter web page or sending a text to one of the provided numbers.

Note: For instructions to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add a tool to my site?

Poll Everywhere Features

Site administrators can:

  • Create different polling activities such as multiple-choice, open-ended questions, surveys, and more!
  • Customize how the audience responds.
  • Test the poll before activation.
  • Display a poll directly from a PowerPoint slide.
  • Share poll results live via a URL or download a spreadsheet to share at a later time.        
  • Visit the Presenter Guide (opens new window)

Instructors can also:

Participants/Students can:

To access this tool, select Poll Everywhere from the Tool Menu in your site.

Get Additional Help

Questions about adding Poll Everywhere to your site can be addressed to [email protected].

For help with Poll Everywhere, visit the vendor's Support Center (opens new window), contact them by email, [email protected], or call (800) 388-2039.