How do I change my WordPress site title?

After WordPress has been added to your UVACollab site, it has a default title, WordPress.  We recommend changing the title to something more unique, like matching it to the title of your UVACollab site.  

Tip: To edit the sample pages added to your WordPress site, see our Help article, How do I edit a WordPress page?

Go to the WordPress tool.

Select WordPress from the tool menu in your site.

Open the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Select the WordPress site's title from the WordPress toolbar.  By default, WordPress is the title given to all WordPress sites when the tool is first added to a UVACollab site.  
  2. Select Dashboard from the drop-down menu.

Select Customize Your Site.

From the WordPress Dashboard select Customize Your Site.

Change the WordPress site's title.

  1. On the Customizing page, click the edit icon (pencil) next to the current WordPress site's title.  In this example, WordPress is currently the site title.
  2. Enter a new title in the Site Title field provided.

Select Publish.

Once a new title has been entered, select the Publish button to save your change.