How do I edit a WordPress Page?

After WordPress has been added to a UVACollab site, it includes a sample Page, sample Post and a sample Comment.   Changes can be made to each of these items from the WordPress Dashboard.  

Tip: The WordPress site title is set to WordPress by default.  It is suggested that this title be changed to something more unique. For steps, see, How do I change my WordPress site title?

Go to the WordPress tool.  

Select WordPress from the tool menu in your site.

Open the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. Select the WordPress site's title from the WordPress toolbar.  By default, WordPress is the title given to all WordPress sites when the tool is first added to a UVACollab site.  
  2. Select Dashboard from the drop-down menu.

Edit sample Pages.  

From the WordPress Dashboard, under the At a Glance section, select one of the links to edit the sample provided.  For example, if you need to edit a page select 1 Page.  To change a post, select 1 Post.   

Note: As Posts and Pages are added to your WordPress site, the number displayed beside each item will increase.    

Select the page to edit.

Select the title of the page you would like to edit.  In this example, Sample Page was selected.  Choose one of the options under the page title to proceed.

  • Edit - Displays the full editor for making modifications.
  • Quick Edit - Allows you to modify page settings such as title, add a password, make the page private, change the template and/or status, and allow comments.
  • Trash - Deletes the page.
  • View - Displays the page.

Note: When editing a post, the same options are available.    

Tip: Select the Add New button at the top of the page to add new Pages to your WordPress site.