What is the UVA Bookstore Inclusive Access tool?

UVA Bookstore’s Inclusive Access provides students with access to digital course materials. The program is designed to optimize the experience of digital content teaching through interactive learning technologies while providing students access to required course materials on the first day of class.

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UVA Bookstore Inclusive Access Features

Students can:

  • Access digital textbooks and course materials on multiple devices.
  • Highlight and annotate text in digital course materials.
  • Create flashcards to review content.
  • Access books offline.
  • Use the read-aloud feature to listen to digital course materials.

Instructors can:

  • View aggregate data on how long students spend in a study session and how many pages have been read.
  • Find statistics on the devices that students used to study, annotations made per study session, and more.
  • Filter data by specific cohorts, content, and more.

Find out more about using analytics (opens in new window) in UVA Bookstore Inclusive Access.

To access this tool, select UVA Bookstore Inclusive Access from the Tool Menu in your site.

Get additional help.

For instructions or additional help with the UVA Bookstore Inclusive Access program, contact [email protected].