How do I turn off Zoom cloud recording sharing?

Instructors can prevent students from automatically having access to cloud recordings in Online Meetings. To do this, the host of the meetings will need to disable automatic recording sharing in their UVA Zoom account.

Note: This will disable all cloud recording sharing in your UVA Zoom account, including meetings outside of your UVACollab sites. You will need to manually enable sharing for cloud recordings you would like to share. Once sharing is enabled for a recording associated with a UVACollab site, it will become available to students in Online Meetings.

Open Settings in your UVA Zoom account.

  1. Log in to your UVA Zoom account (opens new window).
  2. Select Settings in the left navigation.

Select the Recording tab.

Select the Recording tab in the top navigation.

Turn off Allow cloud recording sharing.

Scroll down to the Allow cloud recording sharing setting and slide the toggle to the left to turn it off. This will disable all of your future cloud recordings from becoming automatically available.

Students will be able to open the Cloud Recordings tab in Online Meetings and even see the recordings listed. However, after they select the play button they will not be able to view the recording.

Tip: Once you make this change, it only applies to all future recordings. You will need to manually turn off sharing for previous recordings.