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How do I enable automatic captions requests in Media Gallery?

You may enable a setting in your site's Media Gallery to request automatic captions for all videos published in the site.

Once a captions request has been completed for a video, the video's owner will be able to edit the automatic captions.

Tip: You may request automatic captions on individual video or audio files by following the steps in How do I automatically generate and edit captions in My Media?

Select Media Gallery from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select Channel Actions, then Services ordering rules.

  1. Select the three bars (Channel Actions) menu.
  2. Select Services ordering rules.

Submit the order request.

A page will display where you can view existing captions ordering rules and create a new rule for ordering.  On this page, under the heading Create Rule for Ordering:

  1. Select the Source Media Language to indicate the language of the videos to caption.  By default, the language is English.
  2. Select Submit.

View captions ordering rule.

Screenshot shows ordering rules page. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

The page will refresh with the captions ordering rule displayed under the heading View Ordering Rules.

Edit captions.

Once the captions are ready, they will become available in the media player automatically. The video's owner may then follow the steps to edit the captions to ensure they are accurate.

Note: When a video that does not already have captions is added to the Media Gallery, it will take some time for the captions file to become available. The amount of time it takes for a captions request to be completed varies depending on the length of the video and how many other videos and audio files are waiting for their own captions requests to complete. In most cases, the captions file should be ready within 30 minutes of publishing the video.