How do I log into Panopto (Lecture Capture)?

When trying to access a Panopto video that has been linked or embedded on another page in a UVACollab site (e.g., Lessons, Activities, Week: 1), you may be asked to log in or Request Access. You will need to launch Panopto from the Lecture Capture tool in the site to view the video.

Go to the page with the video.

Select the Title of the page (e.g., Lessons, Activities, Week: 1) where the video is linked or embedded from the Tool Menu in your site.

Try to access the video.

Access a link to the video, or try to view the video on the page where it is embedded.

If instead of a video, you are presented with a login screen or the message You do not have access to this. Request Access, do not request access. Instead, follow the steps below to log into Panopto.

Go to Lecture Capture.

Select Lecture Capture from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the Launch Panopto button.

Access the video.

Return to the page with the video and you will be able to play it.