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What does the Resources summary display?

Resources displays information about the files that site participants opened or downloaded in Resources.

For information on other Statistics summary reports, see How do I view summary reports in the Statistics tool?

Go to Statistics.

Select the Statistics tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

View Resources overview.

The following information is displayed for Resources:

  1. Files: Total number of files currently in Resources. Folders are not included in this count.
  2. Files opened: Total number of files that have been opened. This number may be greater than the number of Files if some files that people opened have been deleted or moved from one folder to another.
  3. Most opened file: The file that was opened the most frequently.
  4. User who has opened the most files: The user ID (UVA computing ID or non-UVA email address) of the individual who opened the most files.

Note: You can select one of the items above to go to a page with additional details (e.g., selecting Files opened will display a list of the files that were opened, and the number of times each one was opened).

Open Resources details.

Select the Show more link under Resources to display a bar graph and table view of the statistics.

View Resources details.

While the graph and table are shown:

  1. The link to show/hide the additional information changes to Show less.
  2. Select By date, By user, or By resource to group statistics by date, user, or resource, respectively. When grouping By resource, all files and folders that site participants have uploaded, opened, edited, or deleted in Resources in the selected time period are included by default.
  3. By default, events from the Last 7 days display for All roles in the site, and include All actions that generate events (e.g., opening files). From the corresponding menus, you can change the display by:
    • Selecting a different date range, options include:
      • Last 30 days
      • Last 365 days
      • Since site creation
    • Selecting a specific role in the site, e.g., Student, to view only actions taken by users in that role.
    • Selecting a specific action, options include:
      • New: Uploading a file
      • Read: Opening or downloading a file
      • Revise: Editing a file or uploading a new version of it
      • Delete: Deleting a file
  4. Select the bar graph image to go to a full page display of the graph.
  5. The table on the Overview page displays statistics for the three most recent dates. Select View complete report to access the complete data for the currently displayed date range.