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How do I customize the icon for Web Link?

You may customize the icon that appears with a Web Link in your Tool Menu to correspond to the web page's content.

Select the Title of the Web Link from the Tool Menu in your site.

Access the UVACollab Re-launch page.

Depending on your internet browser settings and the type of Web Link you selected, a new tab or window with the linked web site may have opened and your view may have been switched to the new tab or window.  If you are viewing a new tab or window, you will need to select the tab or window in which UVACollab is open to go back to the Re-launch page for the Web Link tool on UVACollab.

Select Edit.

Select the Edit button located in the top right corner of the Re-launch page.

Choose an icon.

  1. Select the Choose a custom icon menu to open the icon selection panel.
  2. To filter for icons that match a particular topic, e.g., book, enter the term in the Search box.
  3. Click on the desired icon to select it.
  4. Select Update Options to save your custom icon.

View custom icon.

You will be returned to the Web Link's page with the new icon displayed to the left of the tool's Title in the Tool Menu and at the top of the page.