What is the Calendar tool?

The Calendar tool allows site administrators to post events in a calendar format. The calendar has day, week, month, year, and simple list views.

The Calendar tool can be used to post important dates in a class, such as start and end dates, assessment dates, etc.

Collaboration sites may use the Calendar tool to post key dates, such as deadlines.

All calendars from all sites to which you have access are merged in My Calendar in Home.

When you have the Calendar tool added to your site, the following tools have options to display due dates or event dates on the calendar. Select the link below to go to specific instructions for adding an item to the calendar from one of these tools.

Note: For instructions on how to add this or any other tool to your site, see How do I add tools to my site?

Calendar features

Calendar allows site administrators to:

Calendar allows students and members to:

  • Subscribe to calendars in their personal calendar application, if available.
  • Keep track of site events.

To access this tool, select Calendar from the tool menu of your site.