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How do I view user activity in my site?

The User Activity tab in Statistics allows site Instructors/Owners to search events for a participant in the site, within a specified period of time.  Search criteria can be restricted to only show the activity within a particular tool for the participant.        

User Activity searches can be used to check a student's activity in their site.  For example, instructors could use a search to confirm that a student accessed an assessment prior to the deadline.      

Important:  The Statistics tool begins recording events after it has been added to a site.  Any events prior to the tool being added will not be included in the search results.  

Go to Statistics.

Select Statistics from the tool menu of your site.

Select the User Activity tab.

Search for user events.

On the User Activity tab, select the following:

  1. User - from the drop-down menu, select a participant.
  2. Tool - from the drop-down menu, select one of the available tools in the site or leave the default, All tools, in place to search events from all tools in the site.
  3. Date Range - enter the range of time you would like to search for events.  Select the calendar icon next to the date field to choose a new date and time in the date-picker window.
  4. Select Search.

The User Activity report will display.

Events for the specified participant during the time period indicated will be displayed in three columns:

  1. Date - The date and time of the event.  Select the column header to sort by date, ascending or descending.  
  2. Event - A brief description of the event performed by the participant.
  3. Details - Where available, select Show more to view more information about the event.