How do I edit a meeting?

You may edit the participants signed up for a meeting, the available time slots, and the meeting details.

Go to Sign Up.

Select Sign Up from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select a Meeting Title.

Lock or cancel sign-up and add or remove participants.

You will be taken to the Meeting Details page which includes a table listing time slots and participants.  You can edit the time slots or participants and notify participants of changes.

Notify participants of changes.

Above the table listing time slots is an Email notification check box.  Whether or not the option, Yes, send email to notify the related participant(s) about the changes that have been made, will be selected by default depends on the settings selected during the creation of the meeting.  Select the check box to send email notification if you make changes to the meeting.

Add, remove, or edit participants.

  1. Select the Add Participant link to add a participant to a time slot or wait list.  For complete steps to add participants, see How do I manually add participants to meetings?
  2. Select the red circle with a dash (-) (Click to delete the participant) icon, then select OK on the confirmation message that pops up to remove someone who has signed up.
  3. Select the paper with a pencil (Click to edit the participant) icon to move the participant to another time slot or replace them with a different participant.  See below for additional information about editing a participant.

Edit the participant.

If you selected the paper with a pencil (Click to edit the participant) icon:

  1. Choose whether to Move the participant to another available time slot, Replace them with a different participant (which will remove the individual being replaced from the participant list), or Swap them with a participant who has been signed up for a different time slot.  By default, Replace is selected.
  2. Depending on whether you chose to Move a participant to a different time slot or Replace or Swap them with a different participant, a drop-down menu will be available to select either the new time slot (if Move was selected) or the new participant (if Replace or Swap was selected).  Select the time slot where the participant should be moved or the person with whom to replace or swap the participant.
  3. Select OK to make the change.

Lock or cancel time slots.

  1. Select a Time Slot.
  2. Select Lock - prevent participant sign-up to block additional participants from signing up.
  3. Select Cancel - delete the timeslot to remove it.

Edit the Meeting Details.

To change the settings of the meeting, select the Modify tab at the top of the Meeting Details page.

Note: Once a Sign Up event is published, you cannot change the Meeting Type when editing the meeting.

Modify settings and publish.

The options described in How do I create a meeting? will be shown for editing the settings of your choice.  

Select modification option (for recurring meetings only).

If you are editing a recurring meeting, the option Modify all future recurring meetings is selected by default.  You can choose to limit the change by selecting Modify current meeting only (this will cause the current meeting to display in the Meetings list as a separate event).

Note: This option is not available for meetings that were initially created with a frequency of Once Only.

Edit basic details as needed.

Adjust basic meeting details, including the Start and End Times and when Sign-up Begins and Ends, as needed.

Edit time slots.

You cannot change the Meeting Type of a published meeting, but you can combine, remove, or add time slots:

  1. Select Advanced user-defined timeslots (if not already specified for this meeting).
  2. Select the Edit Timeslot(s) link that appears.

For complete steps to customize time slots, see Create a meeting: Advanced user-defined timeslots.

Edit notification and other settings as needed.

Select email notification and other settings as needed.  For a complete description of these options, see Create a meeting: Modify display and notification settings.

If you are modifying a meeting that already has participants signed up, the following Email Notification options are recommended:

  1. Select Yes, send an email notification about these changes to.
  2. Choose to notify either All potential participants or Only participants currently signed up.

Publish the changes.

When you are finished making changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Publish Modification.