How do I edit a calendar item?

Event creators can edit items they created in Calendar. This allows instructors, students, and collaborators to reschedule events, add more details or file attachments to an event, or change the location.

Note: When you have the Calendar tool added to your site, the following tools also have options to display due dates or event dates on the Calendar. Select the link below to go to specific instructions for editing an item on the schedule/calendar from one of these other tools:

Go to Calendar.

Select the Calendar tool from the tool menu in your site.

Select the item you want to edit.

Select Edit.

Edit the item.

For more information about the options and settings available for events, see How do I add items to the Calendar?

Note: After entering text or other content into the editor in UVACollab, we recommend using the Accessibility Checker to confirm that the content is fully accessible to all site participants. See How do I check my content for accessibility? for more information on the Accessibility Checker and instructions for checking content.

Select Save Event.